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Boron Nitride Products

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride products, a renowned leader in producing a full spectrum of Boron Nitride material solutions for a variety of industries, including electronics, semiconductors, polymer processing, metalworking and cosmetics.

Boron Nitride products are manufactured as powders, finished components and blanks, as well as liquid coatings. Custom end use products are a specialty of ours, including custom solid shapes, powder formulations and others. We can work with you from initial development to final implementation of your application, and at any step in between.

Application Segments

* CarboTherm Thermal Management Fillers

  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
  • Thermoplastic

* Combat Industrial Powders

  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Therma Spay
  • Polymer Technology (FEP Foaming, Nucleating)
  • Coatings (Super-Plastic Forming, Secondary Aluminium)

* IDEALUBE – Boron Nitride Lubricant Additives

  • Solid Lubricant Additives to Greases, Oils and Dry Film Lubricants

* TRES BN – Cosmetic Powders

  • Color Cosmetic
  • Skin Care

For more information, please visit http://www.bn.saint-gobain.com/