Hard Disk Drive

Since 1990, Innovative Organics has help disk drive companies squeeze data in ever increasing quantities onto hard disk media by the development of precision abrasive slurries and chemicals for critical surface finishing. Magnetic heads evolved in the last decade from inductive types through GMR (Giant Magnetoresistive) and TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistive), enabling high areal densities as a result of improvements in finishing and surface conditioning technology. Fly heights were reduced so much that pseudo-contact recording became areality. However, these advancements were only possible with the development of ultra-smooth finishes on HDD media and GMR recording heads and that was as a consequence of innovative Organics’ leadership in abrasive and chemical technology.

The company continue to enhance and add to its broad spectrum of products for the HDD industry with the establishment of a hard disk grinding and polishing R & D facility in its Anaheim. California headquarters. Staffed with materials scientists and engineers from the HDD industry, the R & D center is perfecting aluminium disk grinding and glass media texture coolants, Ni-P colloidal silica polishing slurries, polycrystalline alumina polishing slurries, olycrystalline diamond texturing slurries and ultra-pure cleaners.

As GMR recording heads migrate from the pico 10-12 to the femto 10-15 form factors, huge technical demands are being made of head manufactures in row bar lapping, “kiss” lapping and single slider lapping/polishing process steps. Innovative Organics has developed a complete suite of products including mon and polycrystalline diamond slurries for slider bar lap, thermally treated monocrystalline diamond and polycrystalline diamond slurries for charging euteticlapping plates (metal alloys such as Sn/Sb), oil-based conductive lubricants (patent pending) for critical “kiss” or final lap and ultra-pure cleaners for all in-process and post-process requirements.

of Products

Speciality Fluids / Other

  • AmberGuard NP7
  • AmberGuard pH-C
  • AmberLap S601 (Glass)
  • Amtron N8
  • Amtron N9 OR5B
  • Instat S9

Polishing Slurries / Particles

  • Alumina Submicron Polishing Particles
  • AmberCut ASL 590
  • AmberCut ASL 918
  • AmberCut ASL 919
  • AmberCut ASL 941
  • CRE Lapping/Polishing Slurry,MCA-102
  • Nanoceria Polishing Particles
  • Norpol 2000 Polishing Slurry
  • Norton CRE Slurries
  • Nortron Polishing Slurry
  • Polycrystalline Alumina Polishing Slurry
  • Polycrystalline Alumina Polishing Slurry,9246
  • Sub-micronCalcinedAluminaE-powders

Lapping Vehicles

  • AmberCut LVE 44R
  • AmberCut LVE 44RM


  • AmberClean 203
  • AmberClean 203i
  • AmberClean 203j
  • AmberClean 203N
  • AmberClean 527A-1
  • AmberClean 527L
  • AmberClean 527L (HP)
  • AmberClean 527M-1
  • AmberClean 527M-3
  • AmberClean 527MF
  • AmberClean 528A
  • AmberClean 533
  • AmberClean 555
  • AmberClean 558
  • AmberClean 852A
  • AmberClean M5
  • AmberClean M7
  • AmberClean Q3
  • AmberClean RF25
  • AmberClean SC19
  • AmberClean SC19U
  • AmberClean SC21
  • AmberClean SCA23R
  • AmberClean SCA23S
  • AmberClean SCA56
  • AmberClean SCA61
  • AmberClean SCA81
  • AmberClean SWQ
  • AmberSolve 203
  • AmberSolve 203E

Polishing Pads

  • io-1000
  • io-2000
  • io-4000


  • AmberLube 85R2
  • AmberLube 85R7
  • AmberLube 85R9
  • AmberLube CKSeries
  • AmberLube CK-1
  • AmberLube CK-1F
  • AmberLube CK-2
  • AmberLube CR
  • AmberLube DN
  • AmberLube EF-1


  • AmberCut 188A
  • AmberCut 197ld
  • AmberCut 320
  • AmberCut 321
  • AmberCut 330A
  • AmberCut 188A
  • AmberCut 331
  • AmberCut 339
  • AmberCut 353
  • AmberCut 389Q
  • AmberCut 389T3
  • AmberCut 98A1
  • AmberCut 99M1
  • AmberCut 99N1
  • AmberCut 99N2D
  • AmberCut H629
  • AmberCut WC650