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Innovative Organics, through a continuous program of R&D, has developed a range of aqueous based, Cleaners biodegradable fluids for ferrous and non-ferrous metalworking. Metalworking is any manufacturing process in which metal is formed or machined into a  range of biodegradable fluids for forming, sawing, grinding, tapping, honing, lapping,
These Synthetic fluids and cleaners do not contain oils or chlorinated hydrocarbons and are formulated with proprietary additives to improve lubricity, prevent corrosion and eliminate rancidity.
Each product is available in a concentrated solution that can be used in extended dilutions with deionized or high purity city water for maximum economy. AmberClean aqueous based cleaners perfectly compliment Innovative Organics’ AmberLube, AmberCut and AmberTap fluids AmberClean Q3 and effectively remove process residues.

The use of these biodegradable fluids provides enhanced systems protection, an environmentally friendly workplace, and maximum machinist and operator safety.

Examples of Products Offering

Lapping Vehicles

AmberCut 415
AmberCut 416
AmberCut 420A
AmberCut 420C
AmberCut 440
AmberCut 415


AmberLube Series
AmberLube EC
AmberLube EP

Polishing Pads



AmberCut 381
AmberCut 382B
AmberCut 389Q
AmberCut 389R
AmberCut 389T3
AmberCut H629
AmberCut 636B
AmberCut WC650


AmberClean 502
AmberClean 527G
AmberClean 527L (HP)
AmberClean L12
AmberClean L12A
AmberClean L12B
AmberClean L12H
AmberClean L21
AmberClean M5
AmberClean M7
AmberClean Q3
AmberClean RF25
AmberClean SWQ
AmberSolve 931